For those of you who do not have a Somatic Educator available to you and would like to begin learning how to move pain-free, an online Skype consultation is available.

Consultation includes:

• Detailed assessment of your posture.
• Assessment of your gait, if computer viewing allows.
• Medical history.
• Personalized movement lesson focusing on your particular needs.
• Follow-up e-mail with movements and review of session.


• € 75.00 for 1 hour session
What you need to do to prepare for an online Skype session:
• Wear loose, comfortable clothing for easy movement.
• Clear a space on the floor big enough for you to lay down and to be able to spread your arms out to the sides without hitting anything (use a blanket to lay on).
• Make sure your space is quiet and without distractions.
• Pay through PayPal before the scheduled appointment.
Since these sessions are online and do not allow for hands-on guidance of a in-person clinical session, a series of at least three sessions are advised in order to get full benefits.