Somatic Education is a system of neuromuscular education that allows more ease and freedom of movement in ourGayatri and Siddhartha Somatic educators017bodies. It teaches us to recognize and release chronic pain patterns, resulting from injury, stress, repetitive motion strain, or habituated postures. Somatic exercises are simple, slow movements that are done comfortably on the floor. Through awareness and movement, they sequentially unwind holding patterns in the body. This enables you to enjoy the normal activities in you life, such as walking, running, yoga, sports, and everyday functional movements, with more pleasure and ease.

In the Clinical Somatics hands-on sessions, we focus on the individual needs of the client. An overall assessment is made and from that a session is designed for your particular requirements. During the session, you will learn how to build a daily practice of somatic movements. This will enable you to enjoy a rapid and significant improvement in physical comfort, quality of movement, posture, and overall appearance.


"After the Clinical Somatics session, my body felt warmer and there was a 'flow' in my body. My shoulders felt like they had come to know its natural resting place for the first time in years. I felt that the area around my neck and shoulders had 'lost their weight'. My breath evened out and my voice came back into its natural place, much deeper than I generally know it to be. Generally, I felt grounded and at ease with myself and after the session while walking home I noticed how my mind had cleared.

I was very impressed with the work, especially considering how simple the exercises really are. I feel that by working with awareness and movement, my body could find its natural alignment again and from this I experienced a sense of deep relaxation. I now practice the somatic exercises at home and find them easy, short and very effective."

Myrna Vnderzee, counsellor

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