We empower students and clients of all ages to enjoy freedom from pain along with flexibility and ease of movement in their mind and body. Living Somatic Education is a system of neuromuscular education and a movement awareness practice. Somatic exercises are slow, mindful movements mostly done lying down on the floor. The primary focus is on finding ease and quality movement and the form of the movement is secondary. This work teaches us to recognize and release holding patterns and chronic pain resulting from injury, stress, repetitive strain, and habituated posture. This is achieved by working with a Somatic Educator privately with a hands-on Clinical Somatics session, in group movement classes or on your own with a self-practice of slow mindful movement. Our daily self-help program, of gentle exercises, gives you back the ease, comfort and flexibility you remember from childhood.

Free online movement lessons, the online Shift Summit & Music Festival this weekend, upcoming 6-week lesson series and the live online Teacher Training Course!

Join us this weekend for the epic Shift Summit & Music Festival! Living Somatics offers two sessions alongside 300+ changemakers, artists, healers, and visionaries. Next week, you have the opportunity to join our free virtual Somatic movement lessons before we kick-off two 6-week lessons series in October. If you are curious about the Teacher Training Course, either for self-use or professional training, you are welcome to join our free movement lesson and Q&A events next weekend!


The Shift Summit & Music Festival 18-20 September!

With a combination of live-streamed events, classes and pre-recorded content, you can enjoy all that the summit has to offer from the comfort of your home. We so excited to be part of this weekend alongside 300+ movement teachers, speakers, artists and healers, including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and other acclaimed changemakers and visionaries, aiming to reach more than 1 million people.

If you register before Monday 21 September, you will have access to the re-runs from Friday’s sessions, including a Somatic movement lesson and guided imagery on accessing your own power with Gayatri and Jahanavi Schriefer.

On Sunday 20 September at 18.30 Irish and British time, Brian will offer a Somatic warm-up lesson to your yoga practice.

Sign-up by registering here For more information and to share with your friends, please visit our Facebook event page here.


Free Movement Lessons and 6-Week Lesson Series Online

Join one of our 6-week online movement lesson series, starting on Tuesday 13 October and Thursday 15 October. The lessons are 1h15min, taught live in English via the free online platform Zoom, and participants have access to recordings if they are unable to attend the live lesson. During the lesson series, we will explore a sensory-motor approach to increase embodiment, balance and suppleness. You will learn new ways of improving functional movement patterns, self-regulating your nervous system and addressing the main cause of physical pain in the body. Sign-up by registering here. For more information and to share with your friends, please visit our Facebook event page here.

Leading up to the 6-week lesson series, we offer four free Somatic movement lessons as a taster for the lesson series: Tuesday 22 and 29 September and Thursday 24 September and 1 October. The free lessons are the same time as the Tuesday and Thursday lesson series. The sign-up for one or more of our free Somatic movement lessons here. For more information and to share with your friends, please visit our Facebook event page here.


Become a Living Somatic Movement Teacher – Train Online!

If you would like to deepen in your Somatic exploration, you are welcome to join our 9-day live online Living Somatic Movement Teacher Training. You can take this training for personal use, to certify as a movement lesson teacher or as a first part of the clinical professional training. The focus of this training is to learn to teach the key movement lessons, theory and principles of Living Somatic Education. Our next training starts 30 October-1November for North America and Europe, and 20-22 November for Europe and Asia. Sign-up and learn more here or fill out the contact form to receive the training prospectus.

If you are interested in taking the online training, you are welcome to join one of our four upcoming free Somatic movement lesson and Q&A sessions for the online training. Register here.

Saturday 26 September and Saturday 17 October Time: 10.00 Pacific time / 13.00 Eastern time / 18.00 Irish and UK time / 19.00 Central European Time.

Sunday 27 September and Saturday 3 October Time: 10.00am Central European Time / 1.30pm Indian Standard Time



One-on-one Online Consultation

We offer online Living Somatic Education consultations that are tailored for your needs. A consultation includes postural assessment, medical history, a movement lesson focusing on your needs, and a personalized movement sequence that you can do on your own at home to increase the benefit of the consultation. The cost for your first 1-hour session during COVID-19 times is €65.00. To schedule your session, fill out the contact form.


We welcome any questions you may have!

The Living Somatics Team


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