Making a Difference through Outreach in Ukraine

We have mobilised our network of somatic movement practitioners in Ukraine to serve communities affected by the war with somatic practices and education. This is a population deeply in need of tools for nervous system regulation and for psychological and physical relief. The money raised for this outreach is funding our on-the-ground Ukrainian somatic educators to provide free classes and workshops for communities in need. These lessons will teach people how to soothe their nervous systems and find physical ease and freedom at this time of profound stress. The vision is to provide ongoing resources for lasting impact in the region over the coming years.
Book your free lesson taught here. We have a strong community in Ukraine and are actively supporting the region through our network of graduates. For a list of our graduates in Ukraine, who will be carrying out this work, please see our practitioner registry on
Living Somatics partnered with The Shift Network for the Impact Program, to bring this relief to Ukraine. This collaboration was part of the free online Somatic Movement Summit. We curated and hosted this summit for the first three year of its existence.


A elect number of summit sessions are being translated into Ukrainian and our Living Somatics translation team has already started this work. These sessions, as well as and other resources in Ukrainian, will be made available on the Living Somatics website.
If you have any questions, or would like to get involved with sharing this campaign with your network or local businesses, please contact us via our website   
In service and gratitude, Gayatri Maya Andersson and Siddhartha Brian Ingle