Mission Statement

Living Somatics empowers people of all ages and abilities to regulate their nervous systems so they can move better, live with ease and free from pain. 
We offer online and in-person training in neuromuscular movement education and hands-on clinical work, as well as transformational individual and group experiences. 
Living Somatics is dedicated to stewardship of the legacy created by Thomas Hanna and Eleanor Criswell, and to continuing the development of this body of work through the skilful inclusion of complementary somatic disciplines.
Our vision is to make the Somatic approach available for anyone who desires to learn and gain its benefits. We actualise this through growing our global Somatic network, by training practitioners and teaching teams to spread this work and knowledge widely. We are working to expand our services over the coming years to be able to provide trainings in more languages and in more locations in the world, to help even more people to achieve somatic freedom.