SomAqua is an exciting new field that brings the somatic way into the water. It blends Somatics, the Feldenkrais Method, Biodynamic Osteopathy, and the qualities of water itself into an embodied transformative experience. The main work is accomplished by the water. It offers support, sensory input, feedback and flow. It enhances the principle of support and comfort, as there is no compression on the joints from weight-bearing. The sessions take place in a purposefully warm pool, which also enhances the sense of relaxation, comfort and safety.
The practitioner supports the client/student physically and energetically, holding the space of silence to allow for the receiver to attune to themselves. Following the principles of Biodynamic Osteopathy, the facilitator finds stillness first within themselves, and then listens deeply to the other through touch, until there is a corresponding stillness that emerges in the student. It is on this platform that self-healing can take place. And now the possibility emerges, for deep listening and communication to unfold.


Within this connected space, the receiver’s inner story begins to reveal itself, and the direction and timing of the session starts to flow organically.

The sessions are non-verbal, but there can be some sharing before and afterwards. The common feedback is a sense of being reborn, or a feeling of being profoundly supported and embraced. Water carries within itself the archetypes and potency of both the womb and the primordial ocean.

Brian Siddhartha Ingle is a pioneer in this emerging field and is the founder of SomAqua. He is perfectly suited to this medium, as he was born on an island, the country of Ireland, and lived by the Irish sea all his formative years. Brian has always felt most at home when is near or in the water. In addition to supporting the healing journey of others through SomAqua, you regularly find him surfing, swimming, free diving, and taking ice baths.


“This work with Brian is truly incredible! When I first came to work with him I had pain in my lower back and sacrum due to two previous accidents. One where I slipped on ice and injured my knee and a second when I fell from my horse. What was significant was that both accidents caused a breathtaking pain in my sacrum. After the fall I had a torsion in my pelvic area and my symphysis pubis slipped out of position. After the first session of SomAqua with Brian, my back-pain was completely gone and for the first time in many years I felt that my hip was aligned. I could also feel energy flowing from my tailbone up my spine to the head. After the second session I can't even begin to explain what happened to me in the night. I went into a very deep healing process. In this extraordinary event there was a sequential unlocking of my body and every time something unlocked, I heard Brian’s voice saying ”Remember, this is how it works”. This process continued throughout the night on many different levels, till my mind and body became whole again. Thank you so much for your amazing work, your seeing hands and your wonderful being, to enable this extraordinary healing experience.”

Equine Trainer, India

“With a complete sense of presence and attention Brian Siddhartha moves his clients in the water, inducing a profound state of rest, surrender, joy and openness. His focus is on the whole system and how it is connected especially through the skeletal system.This SomAqua experience opens the space for a deep letting go, building a nurturing trust and confidence. Often there is an emotional release, a sense of freedom and each session is in a flow to meet the unique individual needs of the client.”

Script Writer, USA