Somatic Movement Summit

Join us for our free online Somatic Movement Summit, June 6-10, 2022. This summit is a collaboration between The Shift Network and Living Somatics, and we are hosting it for the third time. 
The focus of this year’s summit is Healing Trauma and Building Peace.
This five-day free online event offers easy access to the growing field of Somatic-based practices. The summit will feature more than 40 speakers, bringing together pioneers in the field.
We are truly excited about the line-up of speakers and the practices they have in store for you. The summit sessions are about 45-min long and most include an experiential somatic practice. Each day will end with a longer 75-min session, incorporating a 30-45-min guided practice.
We look forward to bringing science, experience and wisdom into practical application for a more embodied and whole life. Some of the disciplines featured are the Feldenkrais Method®, Continuum, Hanna Somatics, The Alexander Technique, Body-Mind Centering®, Somatic Psychology, and many more. The speakers will be sharing practices with you and guiding you through somatic awareness inquiries such as micro-movements, grounding, centering, meditation, and breathing. These are all valuable ways to self-regulate your health, and you will discover new opportunities to refine your current practices.
We find ourselves in a very acute transformative time and people are turning more and more to their inner resources for solutions. With this summit, we are bringing together experts from many different perspectives to help people discover and expand their first-person experience. Our vision is that this summit will support communities throughout the world to be healthy, happy and at peace. Please feel free to share our registration link widely with your network. 
During the Summit, the sessions air daily at 9am Pacific Time (West coast USA). The schedule will show up in your local time and you will have access to a 48h free replay throughout the Summit.
If you wish to own lifetime access to the recordings (videos, audios and transcripts) and a rich package of bonus material, there is a premium upgrade available for purchase.


This year’s upgrade package includes custom designed workshops by Susan Harper, Paul Linden and Betsy Polatin, along with many special bonuses produced by the summit speakers. 
We are so happy to invite you to this wonderful lineup of knowledgeable speakers. The summit is for both those who are beginning to explore Somatic movement and for experienced Somatic practitioners. For more information on the Summit and to connect with several of the Summit speakers, join our summit Facebook group
As a part of the Summit The Shift Network has partnered with us at Living Somatics for the Impact program, enabling Living Somatics graduates, on-the-ground Ukrainian somatic educators, to provide free somatic education workshops for local communities in need. To learn more and to donate visit our Giving page. 
We invite you to share this free summit with anyone you think would enjoy and benefit from it. 
See you at the Summit!
In service and gratitude, Gayatri Schriefer & Brian Siddhartha Ingle


Here’s what participants had to say about previous years’ Somatic Movement Summits that we hosted:

“It was outstanding in the breadth and depth of content and the speakers’ knowledge and experience…” Congratulations to all involved in the Somatic Movement Summit 2021. It was outstanding in the breadth and depth of content and the speakers’ knowledge and experience - a wealth of information and inspiration. I'm looking forward to next year's summit already!”


“I have bathed in somatics for a whole week and it has truly awakened my passion for somatic movement!”Thank you Gayatri and Siddharta for an exceptional summit, and your fantastic interventions! I have bathed in somatics for a whole week and it has truly awakened my passion for somatic movement! I am eager to continue this journey with you.”

Laurence BrianFrance

“To connect with my own stillness, in a space held with such gentle wisdom, was truly special and heart-opening.”These workshops provided connection to my own somatic healing journey in a way I didn't even realize I needed. To connect with my own stillness, in a space held with such gentle wisdom, was truly special and heart-opening. It reignited and validated all I've learned so far, and opened doors to knowledge that is profoundly personal. Somatics can be applied to everyone's journey with trauma, tension and expansion.”

Caitlin KilburnCape Town, South Africa

“Thank you for creating this beautiful space of learning.”This summit is absolutely the one that I most look forward to each year. It reignites my love affair with movement and fills me up! Thank you for creating this beautiful space of learning. It is such a gift that you offer us. I'm already”

Shanyn EmersonSeattle, Washington

“The Somatic Movement Summit is inspired.”The Somatic Movement Summit is inspired. There are many different modalities presented, all with the same outlook.It was interesting to hear my own experience as someone with chronic pain and fatigue, articulated and verbalized. I feel so inspired to continue my own somatic movement path, and I feel better and more relaxed after it.”

Fiona Mae WhiteIreland

“The Somatic Movement Summit of 2021 is one of the richest and most moving experiences of my life.”The Somatic Movement Summit of 2021 is one of the richest and most moving experiences of my life. I wish every human could experience the depth and quality of the material presented and shared during those five days! I will be forever grateful for such an opportunity to delve deeper into somatic awareness. My heartfelt thanks to the generosity of all who have contributed to make this event happen! I cannot amplify the importance of such an event available worldwide enough!”

Claudette BabineauSackville, Canada

“I feel privileged to have so many masters’ presentations available right at my fingertips (Literally!)”The incredible vastness of speakers, their experiences, and their personal history in relation to the development of somatics itself - all of these things contributed to an opportunity for learning and development - especially for persons involved in any aspect of physio-psycho work or theory! As a Chinese martial arts instructor, whose interest in mind-body therapeutics ranges from Alexander technique, and Feldenkrais, to all of my own TaiJi, BaGua, and Qigong training spanning 35 years, I feel privileged to have so many masters’ presentations made available right at my fingertips (Literally!)”

Marc Phillip BlackPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I'm sure everyone who took part carried away much illumination!”The interviewers were amazing. The presentations were extremely valuable. It's a great blessing to be able to be a part of this Summit experience, and I'm sure everyone who took part carried away much illumination!”

Hiram Roble Orlandi-CobianWoodville, Florida

“What an incredible conglomeration of wisdom…”What an incredible conglomeration of wisdom. I'm so looking forward to revisiting these sessions time and again to inspire my professional and personal work and growth. Thank you. You should choose the plan which meets your needs and requirements and send us a message to place the order. You can also make it online.”


“I highly recommend The Somatic Movement Summit.”I highly recommend The Somatic Movement Summit. It is free! You can watch live streams or recordings up to 48 hours post session. This is helpful for those living overseas and working folks like me! Full of great international speakers. Different approaches, but similar themes of pause/stopping and noticing movement, consciousness raising.”

Caitlin ByrneEden, Australia

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