Somatic Yoga

Somatic Yoga Flow is a synthesis of classical yoga asana and the learning strategies of Living Somatics. The application of the core principles of awareness and movement set this apart from other Yoga styles. Modern Yoga has become an exercise stretching activity. In our work, we are more interested in the internal experience and perception of the asana, than in its external form. Somatic Yoga Flow combines the traditional yoga principles and philosophy of Patanjali, with the scientific principles of physiological movement.Patanjali stated in his Yoga Sutra “sthira sukham asanam” - that asana should be steady (sthira) and comfortable (sukha). The key concept here is “sukha”; that is, to find ease and pleasure in the practice.

By working with simple physiological principles, we escape the many problems that are seen in today’s yoga; namely, injury, and wear and tear in joints. When we stretch a muscle too far or too fast, a stretch reflex is activated. This mechanism causes the same muscle to re-contract and shorten, and to sometimes remain in a chronically contracted state.

How can we find this ease and pleasure in asana practice? We can choose to engage with the principles of somatic education, i.e. to move slowly and with awareness. In this way, we can directly experience how the agonist (the muscle doing the work) and the antagonist (the opposing muscle being asked to lengthen) can work together harmoniously.


Through this methodology, we can re-educate the brain and nervous system to adopt new pathways that support suppleness and ease at all ages and stages of life. By bringing physiology and awareness together as we shape each Yoga pose, we remain true to Patanjali’s key sutra.
Somatic Yoga Flow uses leaves us refreshed and invigorated. This practice has been designed to be a safe and effective way to utilize our self-healing capacity.

The series covers somatic warm up, sun salutations, balancing poses, standing poses, forward bends, classical and somatic backbends, hand balances, somatic twists, hip openers, seated forward bends, and shavasana.

Together, these create a dynamic, yet comfortable practice that brings us to a state of harmony and ease that can carry us from our Yoga practice into the rest of our lives.